3 Strategies For Better Profits & More Clients In Your Business

Sarah Nicole Nadler

Are you seeing a good number of clients in your business but wish there was a way to attract new clients WITHOUT spending more on ads?

Here are my top 3 go-to strategies for client-attraction and increasing the profitability of a business!

This week on The Six Figure Biz Show I'm breaking down for you 3 strategies I use when a business owner wants to attract more clients in a profitable way.

So, as always, let’s pull this problem apart. 

3 Strategies For Better Profits & More Clients In Your Business - Episode 81

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As women in business for ourselves, we have to be economical about our time.

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Strategy #1 - Referrals

Most businesses spend on average 11% of their total revenue on attracting new clients. So if we can shave off even 1% of that, and get the same or better results, we will have instant profitability!

It starts by identifying your idea client. What are the demographics of your most successful projects or clients? What did they have in common?

Next, make a list of other people who serve or talk to that target audience.

For example, if you are a fitness coach and your ideal clients are women trying to get rid of the postpartum "mom bod" ...who do you know that speaks to a lot of moms?

Maybe you have a client who is a teacher, or one who is the head of the parenting association.

There are also doctors, midwives, parenting coaches, boutique baby clothing shops...the list is endless!

Make as large a list as you can of other people who serve or talk to your target audience, who might be interested in collaborating with you and sending you clients.

Pitch your idea to past clients and these non-competitive professionals and let them know how you will be rewarding/incentivizing them to bring in new clients to your business.

Strategy #2 - Reactivation of Past Clients

The second method I like to use to help business owners fill their schedule with dream clients without having to spend more on advertising is: reactivation of past clients.

If you have been in business for more than two years, you likely have clients who have fallen off the bandwagon, stopped visiting, ceased using your services, etc.

Every 6 months, reach out to the full list of these inactive clients (a personal phone call works best).

Strategy #3 - Re-Signups

To understand this last strategy, you have to understand the biggest difference between self-employed mindset and business owner mindset:

Self-Employed: Trading time for $; own a job

Business Owners: Trading value for money; own a system

This strategy is for those who want to trade value for money, buy BACK their time by hiring or automating, and want to own a business with systems; not a glorified job.

The first step is to journal this question, "What is the next natural step after a client finishes the services I offer?"

Let's take some examples:

Realtor: You sell a home. What's the next natural step for a homebuyer? They probably want to buy new furniture, pay a moving company, find a new dentist, etc.

Fitness Coach: You offer exercise & weight-loss support. What's the next natural step for someone who is getting in shape? They probably want nutrition advice, supplements, mindset coaching, etc.

Private Chef: You teach how to create healthy meals. What's the next natural step for a wealthy busy mom? She probably wants someone else to do the grocery shopping, green & organic cleaning supplies, easy food storage tips, etc.

As you can see, no matter your industry there is always some other business that can offer something to the same people you are serving.

This creates a chance for collaboration and increase in your income without adding any additional effort for you!

Create an offer that includes that other professional's services, negotiate a discount for you because you're selling their services for them, and pocket the difference.

Your clients win because you're selling the convenience and trust in the referral you're making.

The other company wins because they aren't having to market/sell their services (you do this for them to your existing clients).

And you win because you get to increase the sales in your business without having to increase your delivery/fulfillment!

More Strategies to Increase Profits

You can find four more strategies on Episode 59 of my podcast - The Six Figure Biz Show. Go listen now!

Want a step-by-step guide to implement these 5 strategies in your business?

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About the Author

Sarah Nicole Nadler is a business + balance coach for 6 & 7-figure business owners who want to build a dream team & profitable biz so they can spend more time on the things that matter. A digital nomad, she currently calls Tampa Bay, Florida home.