Hi, I'm Sarah Nadler

As a licensed financial advisor, Certified Life Coach, award-winning author and Human Rights activist, I took my passion and made it a business after ten years of traveling the United States as a volunteer and minister.

I've helped thousands of people - young, old, wealthy or poor, and believe in taking a stand for human decency no matter a person's race, background or creed.

Dedicating my life to charity was the easy part. I love helping people! Seeing my work brighten their days is the most satisfying work I could do. Building a successful business has been a lot harder than I expected, but just as rewarding as I ever imagined. 

xo, Sarah 


Sarah Nadler is the author of Space Patrol and the Telidore series. She has been publishing books for YA readers since 2016, when she wrote The Land At the Heart of the Mountain in memory of her sister, Emily. Sarah's books have since spread a message of decency, heroism & epic adventure with teens & adults across four continents.  

The spirit of Sarah's work is a message of humanity that is woven through not only her stories, but demonstrated in her charitable activities.  

She has appeared twice in the Sierra Leone Times for her work in bringing education and Human Rights to underage girls in Africa. She is a board member of Girls Be Girls - Not Mothers™ and a sponsor of Youth For Human Rights International®.  

When she isn't writing or carrying the torch for human decency in Africa, Sarah lives in Kansas with her husband Ben and is his co-host on BookPod: The Indie-Filter Podcast.

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