Working Too Much In Your Own Business?

Get rid of your worker bee mindset and create SYSTEMS so you can work <20hrs a week in your $1M business.

Why do I focus on building SYSTEMS in your business?

...because SYSTEMS allow you to:






Money and


...and best of all - a system when built properly will consistently give you the same outcome again and again, removing the need for you to hover over it!

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Hi! I'm Sarah

A business + balance coach, author, and philanthropist. I believe small business is the backbone of the economy, and the work we do now in our communities will echo through history.



Strategies, Resources & Training to Help You Build A Dream Team & Profitable Business

7 Reasons You NEED To Build A Side Hustle or Business - Episode 75

In late 2018 I sat down with my husband Ben and made a big long list of all the things we want to accomplish before we kick the bucket. Making a bucket list is a very fun thing to do - it gets you dreaming big and thinking outside the box your normal life fits into.

But most people stop there and put that list in a drawer or on a shelf to grow dust.

In my normal go-getter style, I wasn’t satisfied with that! I wanted to work out HOW to make these happen before we retired... Continue Reading

How To Plan For Retirement As A Small Business Owner - Episode 61

If you are a family-owned and run business, there are a lot of people relying on you for their livelihood: your loved ones, your employees, your clients, etc.

It's such a huge responsibility, and that's why so many business owners are concerned about what will happen to the business when the owner retires, exits, or passes away... Continue Reading

Why is coaching the key?

Most business owners started out being the best at something. But there are 35+ skills you need to run a business perfectly, and when the owner runs up against a skill they don't have...that's when the business stops growing.

  • Build the skill sets you need to keep growing in your business.
  • Get guidance on every aspect of a service-based company...from marketing, sales, hiring, conflict management, financial planning, and more.
  • I bring to the table over a decade of experience as a service-based business owner, as well as a team of licensed & certified experts and a 100% ROI Guarantee on coaching.

What help do you need right now?

Browse through the range of services I offer - pick the one you need

Websites & Funnels

Let our team handle the "techie" stuff so you can focus on serving clients.

Business Consulting

I will get under the hood and find out what is really holding you back.

Email Automation

Ready to monetize your list of past clients? Our team will build the systems you need & automate it.

HR Consultation

Hiring, employee conflict management, bonus systems, team-building.

Marketing & Sales

Our branding experts will design the perfect look for your business, while our sales expert shows you how to make your offers irresistible.

Business Financial Planning

Most traditional financial advice is not applicable to business owners. Learn the billionaire secrets to get higher returns while saving on taxes.

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Becoming a client is as easy as 1-2-3

Rest assured I follow a proven method. Here's how it looks:



My consulting process begins with getting to know you and a thorough analysis of your business. What most coaches offer for thousands of dollars, I give you for free from the beginning.


Custom Business Plan

I write a step-by-step business plan to get you exactly where you want to go. 


Coaching & Support

I offer both one-on-one and group coaching, to ensure you always have the support you need to take the next step in your business.

Hear what my clients say

All my clients get 100% ROI on the consulting fee*...or we continue until you do!

Ready to find the right path for your business?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, now is a great time to get in touch with me. I offer a free 45-minute Free Business Analysis, so shoot me a message or give me a ring. I’m ready to help take your business to the next level.

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