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Some know me as a money coach, others as an award-winning author, or InvestHER. But I'm just a girl who dreamed of a life filled with books, slow country living and spiritual freedom... and then went ahead and made it happen.

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From mindfulness and profit planners, to practical step-by-step instructions for investing, check out my books about money.

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Coaching + Courses

Whether you're a seasoned InvestHER or just beginning your financial journey, join forces with me and my team of Money Coaches to achieve financial freedom.

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I have been blessed with the bardic gifts and try my best to offer escapism when my readers need it the most.

“Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.”

Providing Humanitarian Aid In Africa, Asia and The Americas

As a women's rights activist, I have traveled the US in support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as put forth by the United Nations after the devastation of WWII.

With the digital marketing skills I learned as a $6-figure online coach, I have leveraged social media and offline events to raise $2.5M in funding and distribute our curriculum to 10k+ kids across Africa & Asia in support of that mission.

I also partner with like-minded groups, including Operation Underground Railroad and Children Int., to protect at-risk kids from trafficking and other human rights violations.

Give To HumanRights.com