As a business consultant my job is to find the root cause of the problems you face and weed them out.

When I was fourteen I started my first side hustle - cleaning homes for my parents' friends. My dad owned a carpet-cleaning business, so I suppose it ran in the family.

When I was seventeen he said, "You don't have to do all the work yourself. Hire it out." So I recruited a fellow high schooler to do the cleaning for me, paid her a grownup's wage and pocketed the rest.

When my sister Emily was diagnosed with cancer two years later, it was that small but mighty business that kept me afloat, paid the bills, and gave me a purpose when everything else in my life was falling apart.

I eventually sold my business and went into the nonprofit arena where I led teams of both employees and volunteers and learned the ins-and-outs of PR and marketing.

Meeting my husband Ben helped me quit my workaholic ways (I was putting in an easy 100 hours a week) and I revamped my business to add in the balance factor my life had always lacked. That was a game-changer for me, and I fell in love with traveling, the great outdoors and leading a more balanced lifestyle.

Now, I not only own my own business - I help entrepreneurs build a team on a diet of culture so they can step away and use the business to lead happier lives.

A few other random facts about me...


I am a licensed business consultant, a Certified Life Coach and a licensed financial advisor in 3 states.


I’m a published author of five books (three YA fantasy and two self-help) and my writing has been featured in a variety of magazines including NY Weekly.


I am a passionate advocate for the 30 Universal Human Rights with a movement spanning eleven countries, and on the board of directors for Girls Be Girls, Not Mothers Foundation.

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When I was nineteen, my sister Emily was diagnosed with cancer. She was just ten years old. That year, I moved out on my own and built my side hustle to a 5-figure business to support my family while they battled for Emily's life.

I eventually sold it to travel the world. Meeting people from all walks of life made me realize the importance of living a balanced lifestyle, and spending time with the family I have left.

Ten years later, I'm on a mission to make it possible for every entrepreneur to have a business that supports their family, self-care and the lifestyle they dream about.