rom a young age I admired my dad as a successful business owner. He owned a fire/water damage cleanup business, and I remember carrying those heavy machines and keeping hoses out of his way as he worked. He taught me to respect myself, be unafraid of hard work, and never to accept the glass ceiling that holds so many women back.

These are messages I carry forward with my award-winning books, our thriving online community where I show Americans how to escape the worker bee lifestyle and build passive wealth, and the 10,000 lives we've impacted with an anti-racism & civil rights movement now spanning 13 countries.

People often ask me

"How have you managed to accomplish so much?"

So here is a little sneak peek of my story.

I grew up a rich American princess. We had two summer homes and a three-story house. I went to private schools and took dance classes, horseback riding lessons, and dreamed of becoming a fantasy author when I grew up.

But my dad never let me forget that he had built everything from the ground up. As I got older, instead of an allowance I was encouraged to babysit. I ended up started a side hustle in high school called At-Ease Home Help, cleaning houses for my parents’ friends.

Then one day disaster struck.

Weeks after my 18th birthday my sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Over the next six months, I cancelled my plans to attend University of Portland that semester, quit my dance classes, moved out on my own, and built that side hustle into my first $5-figure business. 

It was a rough time for my family. Most days I had less than $1 per meal. I couldn't eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...they were too expensive.

When the dust settled my parents were divorced, my sister was in the ground, and I was burnt out, traumatized and emotionally devastated.

Feeling lost, I sold my business and went backpacking through Mexico.

I stumbled upon a tiny hole-in-the-wall church where the people were friendly & welcoming, and had tools to heal my trauma and bring me back to life.

t was there that I discovered my passion for coaching as a way to serve others.

I started as a volunteer and eventually was ordained as a minister and became the youngest Senior Chaplain in church history. That experience began a lifetime of dedication to spiritual healing and in service to humanity.

I helped with drug rehab in Colorado, did gang interventions in East LA, became a licensed pastoral counselor and certified life coach, lobbied on Capitol Hill for civil rights legislation, and fundraised half a million dollars for various nonprofit organizations.

By thirty I had seen and done so much that I was inspired to write a book .

ne day in Los Angeles I stumbled across a large coffee table book entitled Before They Pass Away by photographer Jimmy Nelson. I was stunned by the beauty of the photos he had taken of indigenous peoples while traveling on six continents. 

The message was not lost on me - this was 2017 and the recent shooting of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, a young boy of African descent, by a white Texas Police Officer had sparked riots across the United States. Racism was a heavy topic at the time, and I felt an urge to speak up against what I saw as a basic human rights violation.

After a decade of silence since my sister died, I picked up my pen and wrote three YA fantasy books, each with a strong anti-racism message.

Those books sparked a movement to educate youth on basic human rights - a movement that now spans 13 countries, and has touched tens of thousands of lives.

Today, my business supports the charitable efforts of hundreds of volunteers around the world.

It is for them that I write my books; and they are the primary reason I still charge for my coaching services despite the investments I have made and the financial freedom I have achieved personally.

When you sign up for coaching, a portion of every dollar goes towards educating kids around the world on their 30 basic human rights.

And all royalties from my books go to fund our programs.

Join me! I teach ambitious Americans how to generate passive income using high-profit strategies so you can stop trading time for money.

I help dreamers make a lasting impact worldwide.

I don’t have it “all figured out”.

Like anybody I have my tormented self-doubt days, but becoming a licensed financial advisor showed me that there are millions of people who wish they knew a fraction of what I have figured out. And now I have a business doing what I’ve always loved most - joyously dedicating myself in service to others.


I can tap dance, stand on my toes, and have been known to swish around the house in a swashbuckling steampunk costume.


I’m a published author of five books (three YA fantasy and two self-help) and my writing has been featured in a variety of magazines including NY Weekly.


I married my husband at midnight on Christmas Eve on the roof of the famous "blue building" in Hollywood next to the Scientology sign.

“The purpose of life is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference...”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Has my work been useful? Here are stories from my clients in their own words.

I'll let you decide.