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Space Patrol!

YA Steampunk Fantasy | Five human children, a meerkat from outer space and an octopus - against evil tyrants, a thieving elf, Egyptian werewolves and the most powerful corporation in the galaxy.  

What’s a girl to do? 


What Readers Are Saying About Sarah Nicole Nadler...


"I loved this story. Set in space the majority of the time - really took me on a good adventure. Those who seek to build up the society and those who seek to tear it down through their maniacal political viewpoints. About love and care of friends and family vs those who seek to destroy it. Loved it!"


"... she wrote this book to help youth understand slavery, particularly modern-day human trafficking. I think she has provided a useful weapon in the fight."


"I loved the combination of cool steam-powered contraptions with advanced space technology. The slave ship is actually a space-worthy galleon! Nadler does a great job creating alien life forms, her descriptions vivid and imaginative."

"Sarah Nicole Nadler (an American author and humanitarian) held a human rights workshop today in commemoration of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. Her book published earlier this year is also geared toward eradicating discrimination and the disapproval of others, which seems to be a recurring theme for this inspirational American humanitarian."

- The Sierra Leone Times

Welcome to the Kingdom of Telidore

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She traveled to a new world to find her sister. She left her whole life behind. Now, to keep Emily safe, Alicina must pose as a wealthy aristocrat. Plunged into a royal court steeped in intrigue, she is forced to do battle with someone she once called a friend. Will her belief in herself and the magical powers she has found be enough to save them all? 


Entertaining. Epic. Fresh.

Get epic fantasy & space opera from an author whose books are enjoyed by readers across four continents.