100% ROI Guarantee

If, after 6 months of active membership inside The WOW Business Lounge are completed, and you have done all the steps on the individualized program Sarah has written for and given to you, your business has not realized at least a complete return on the amount paid for the program as covered in your contract, Sarah Nicole Nadler Consulting agrees to continue working with you, without additional cost to you, until such a return has been accomplished.

The return on the investment in the program will be determined as follows: the net income of the business (calculated by subtracting the cost of running the business from the gross income of the practice) for 6 months prior to the date of this Agreement will be submitted by you and verified by Sarah Nicole Nadler Consulting. This will be labeled “net income prior".

The net income of the business for the 6 months that business coaching is delivered by Sarah Nicole Nadler Consulting inside The WOW Business Lounge to you, will be calculated by you and Sarah Nicole Nadler Consulting at the completion of the 6 months of membership. This will be labeled "net income after". If the “net income after" does not exceed the “net income prior" by at least the cost of the program delineated in your invoice, Sarah Nicole Nadler Consulting will keep working with you until that has been accomplished, as long as you are completing the written program steps provided by our team.

Contact Information:

Sarah Nicole Nadler