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How To Pay Off Debt Without Avoiding Lattes

It's easy to pay down debt if you sacrifice all your spare time and money to just go make more money...but where's the fun in that??!

In this week's episode, tune in for a special strategy we used to pay down $20k in credit card debt without giving up my lattes [Tune in]

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Sarah Nicole Nadler, host of The Six Figure Biz, brings you her own take on the entrepreneurial world. From building your brand to negotiating business contracts with clients, The Six Figure Biz is an inspiring, thought-provoking show & blog hosted by an award-winning author & coach whose clients regularly hit $6-, $7- or $8-figures in their biz. Learn what it truly takes to create, establish, grow and successfully run a business.

Established in March 2020, The Six Figure Biz has been our way of giving back to the business community and sharing tips to help struggling $5-figure women in business achieve acclaim and success. Our host & founder, Sarah Nicole Nadler, is an award-winning business + balance coach, internationally-acclaimed author, motivational speaker, and human rights and anti-racism advocate.

What we talk about

Team Building & Leadership Skills

Did you know that 45% of small business owners in the U.S. don’t know past employees are leaving reviews online that impact future applicants? Does your business have a strong employee-retention strategy?

Six-Figure Business Secrets

To be the best it’s important to learn from the best. I talk with entrepreneurs who hit their first $6-figures to experts with 30+ years of experience, and we spill all the secrets you need for success!

Business Economics

From licensed financial advisors, lawyers, and loan agents to tax accountants, we interview experts to bring you the best tips to increase profits, charge your worth, reinvest in your business and retire early.

Mindset & Productivity

Learn how to master your mindset, think positively, crack limiting beliefs, increase productivity and respond instead of reacting

Entrepreneurial tips, tricks, and the best in business advice.