Pre-Marital Coaching

Created by certified premarital coach and award-winning author Sarah Nicole Nadler, the Get Married Stay Married program will give you the skills & education you need to have a balanced + happy marriage

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Licensed Pastoral Marriage Counseling

The only premarital course + coaching specifically designed for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Being married to an entrepreneur... whether a highly-successful business owner or an ambitious startup guru, is a whole different kettle of fish!

Most marriage counselors have never owned a business. They cannot relate with the unique issues couples like us face when trying to find balance among all the chaos of owning or starting a business.

Created by business consultant, licensed premarital coach and award-winning author Reverend Sarah Nadler, the Get Married Stay Married program gives you tools and education to prepare you - not just for the happiest day of your life, but the first day in a whole new chapter.


About the Author

Sarah has built and sold two business and knows what it takes to balance lifestyle, budget and business strategy. She has been a full time business consultant for service-based entrepreneurs for three years, and loves everything digital marketing!

Prior to becoming a consultant, Sarah owned a successful wedding business in Portland, OR.

Outside of the business world, Sarah and her husband Ben are fans of the outdoors. They love rock climbing, hiking, camping and sailing. Sarah is also the author of two YA fantasy series as well as her nonfiction works.

Premarital Coaching


Work Directly With Sarah

Prepare as a couple for the challenges of married life. Sarah is a licensed + certified premarital coach - but most importantly she is a business owner herself and happily married for 5 years.

Inside, you’ll find exercises to put a firm foundation in place upon which your marriage can grow and grow.

Most couples grow apart ... but this proven program has helped hundreds of couples over the past 13 years to create a long-lasting and successful happy-ever-after.