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The Same 6-Step Process Hundreds of Entrepreneurs Have Used To Start Their
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Dear High-Achiever,

My name is Sarah Nicole Nadler. I built & sold two businesses by the time I was 33, and I've been a full-time business coach for 4 years, helping ambitious women just like you do the same!

What makes me different?

I have taken other coaches' online programs before. They are always full of pre-recorded content, and group coaching sessions where you feel lost in the crowd.

Not with me!

Get the high-touch personal coaching you need to succeed, access to experts, done-for-you marketing & sales funnels, and my unique 100% ROI Guarantee* to ensure you get results!

Hey lady! 

If you have an established business and are dreaming of being able to step away more, increase your revenue, or make a bigger impact... 

And if you want confidence that the steps you'll take will definitely get you to $7-figures in your business...

Then this is the most important letter you'll read all year. 

Because for a limited time, I want to gift you my best-selling private coaching program to take your service-based business from scratch to 7-figures...

In the shortest time possible.

The same 6-Step Process I used to help now FOUR of my clients build a $1M business in 2021, for the first time. 

One client had been in business for 30+ years and never hit that number before she worked with me!

I took everything that worked for my business, and those of my clients, and turned it into an A-Z Business Building Roadmap for female business owners called:

The WOW Business Lounge. 

Inside, I'll cut the fluff and ONLY give you the essentials you need to get to your monthly revenue goals WITHOUT working more than 20 hours a week, and achieve it in the shortest time possible. 

It works if you have no online presence...

It works if you can't stand social media... 

It works if you have never had success with digital ads... 

It even works if you have been in business for 30+ years! 

It works SO well, in fact, that recently we made a very bold (and some might say CRAZY) move... 

To offer a 100% ROI Guarantee when you join my WOW Business Lounge. 

As A Member Of Sarah's Business Lounge, You'll Be Able To...

  • Follow a proven path to build your highly-profitable business so you can work less than 20 hours a week with automation or a team in place for all the hassle... 
  • ​Avoid making the same mistakes costing other entrepreneurs thousands of dollars every day... Follow a simple, proven path to grow your business.
  • ​Build a business you can rely on for your family's financial future, so you can retire early and do what you love...what you were MEANT to do, and have the impact on the world you were meant to have.
  • ​​Stop hustling, working 10 hour days, and wearing all the hats... START doing things that will actually grow your business. I'll show you what your "needle movers" are, so you have clarity on what to do, when. 
  • ​​No longer be overwhelmed by the tech of marketing... my team is going to build a done-for-you marketing plan and sales funnel, with my user-friendly tool to manage your stunning new professional brand that reflects who you truly are. 
  • Find your authentic sales style, and master the art of "heart-centred selling"... so you can get paid what you're worth without sleazy or slimey sales tricks, with the support of your personal sales coach!
  • ​Access our Panel of Experts, including private 1:1 sessions with a business lawyer, CPA, graphic designer and your own personal licensed financial advisor.
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Check Out These Real Results From Women Inside My WOW Business Lounge:

So, What Exactly Is Included In

The WOW Business Lounge?

Unlimited Personal Coaching with Sarah.

These calls are a powerful time for connection and clarity, as you work 1:1 with Sarah to uncover deep-seated limiting beliefs, nail the big picture strategy, and shape the future of your business in each 45-minute session!

Enjoy stepping away from the noise and drama of your business, and making time and space to work on YOU.

Done-For-You Marketing & Sales...

The last thing in the world you need is more items added to your to-do list! But to grow, you need to unlock the magic of marketing & sales in your business.

That's why when you join the WOW Business Lounge, my team of designers will build the marketing & sales machine you need to stay ahead of algorithm changes, pandemic, federal mandates, all the king's horses...and his men, too... *eye roll*

Get access to my user-friendly tool to manage the stunning and professional brand that reflects who you truly are.

Here is where you begin to leverage your time with automation, email marketing, sales funnels, online courses, and more...all built for you!

Build Your Dream Team With Our Full Course Library of Business Resources!

Hiring in this era of The Great Resignation is one of the biggest bottlenecks in business. Luckily for you, Sarah is a hiring and HR management expert!

Resources inside The WOW Business Lounge include training on how to conduct a job interview, the best way to filter out toxic personalities with your hiring process, how to onboard and train a team, managing employee benefits, navigating employee correction & discipline, and more.

Your Expert Panel To Keep Your Business Growth
On The Right Track.

When you join The WOW Business Lounge, you not only get access to Sarah Nicole Nadler, your own private Success Coach, and our online course portal, you also unlock access to our team of experts - your personal financial advisor, graphic designer, LegalShield membership, and a Certified Public Accountant.

Join A Group Of Like-Minded Women

The Go-Getter Facebook Group is an exclusive private group for those learning my 6-Step Process for growing a business. This is the perfect place to discuss your progress in the monthly projects, and to celebrate the wins!

You'll make life-long friends and be able to be cheered on in your journey as an entrepreneur :-)

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With 100% ROI Guarantee!



3 payments of $5,500 each.

  • Unlimited private coaching
  • Done-for-you marketing & sales funnel
  • Access Private Facebook Group
  • Unlimited email support
  • Monthly access to Expert Panel including a Lawyer, Financial Advisor, Sales Coach & CPA

$5,500 x 3



100% ROI Guarantee

  • Unlimited private coaching
  • Done-for-you marketing & sales funnel
  • Access Private Facebook Group
  • Unlimited email support
  • Monthly access to Expert Panel including a Lawyer, Financial Advisor, Sales Coach & CPA
  • Bonus: Hiring In Days Not Weeks or Months Guide

$15,000 USD




  • Same inclusions, risk free price! (qualifying members)

$7,500 + Profit Share

What help do you need right now?

Browse through the range of services I offer - if you need help in these areas, you're a good fit:

Websites & Funnels

Let our team handle the "techie" stuff so you can focus on serving clients.

Business Consulting

I will get under the hood and find out what is really holding you back.

Email Automation

Ready to monetize your list of past clients? Our team will build the systems you need & automate it.

HR Consultation

Hiring, employee conflict management, bonus systems, team-building.

Marketing & Sales

Our branding experts will design the perfect look for your business, while our sales expert shows you how to make your offers irresistible.

Business Financial Planning

Most traditional financial advice is not applicable to business owners. Learn the billionaire secrets to get higher returns while saving on taxes.

Need something more unique? Contact me!

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