How To Create A Website That ACTUALLY Makes You Money

Sarah Nicole Nadler

There are many factors to consider before designing a website for your service-based business. In this article, we will discuss the major decisions that must be made - and give examples of high-converting websites in many industries.

Before you begin, it is important to have a branding strategy backed up by market research of your target audience. Logo, color palette, font choices...all of these should be researched and the choice made before you hire a web developer.

While there are some full-service marketing agencies out there - who will do this research for you and help design a brand style board for your practice, the majority of web developers don’t have a clue what YOUR patients like or dislike, and are only guessing what will make them respond.

Think of it this way - if a primary purpose of a website is to attract new patients or clients, you had better know what seems ‘attractive’ to them!

How To Use Your Website To Generate Revenue - Episode 14

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This week, since we are talking about web design and how important it is to your overall brand, I put together a Website Conversions Infographic so you know step-by-step how to implement this strategy.

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Logic Makes People Think...Emotion Makes People ACT.

Have a think around what emotions you would like to evoke with the imagery & copy (words) on your website. Different demographics have different responses to the same colors, fonts, words and ideas.

Know before you go = use surveys to determine your target audience’s response to a particular branding design.

The best way to nail this down before you get started on designing your website is to use this free Canva template for a brand style board.

Once you have your branding, the next step is to plan out what you want your website to DO for you. 

A website that is a robust sales funnel for your practice will look very different than one that is simply very pretty. The balance of aesthetics and functionality is struck by having a solid plan beforehand.

Must-Haves For A Business Website

Here are some options to consider:

  • A short website address (less than 15 characters and easy to remember)
  • Professional design that matches your brand
  • Call-to-action button above the fold

The ‘fold’ is the point on a webpage where you must scroll down to see more. Having an enticing offer and call-to-action button above the fold is one of the most important marketing strategies you can use.

In the example below - see how the short call-to-action provides a powerful incentive? And the two call-to-action buttons help filter the user in the right direction.

Other must-haves for a business website include:

  • Clickable phone number at top of homepage
  • Owner's name and keywords on homepage
  • Home page directs people where to go
  • Place to collect names & contact info
  • Mobile friendly
  • About Us page with staff photos
  • Testimonials from happy clients/patients
  • Lots of photos / use of video
  • Details on press mentions or awards you’ve won (trust signals)
  • Contact us page
  • Social media links

While all reputable web developers can make you a website that checks all these boxes, the real proof is in the conversion rate:

CONVERSION: The percent of users who take the action you desire.

When website visitors convert, they request an appointment, click on your phone number, or otherwise indicate a desire to schedule with you. 

Find out the conversion rate of your website, and if it is low (<2%) make sure the above must-haves are present!

Passive Income Streams

Once you have that website built, and are attracting customers regularly...the next step is to consider adding passive income to your repertoire!

There are several ways your website can become a source of passive income for you and your business. An online shop is one. Ecwid is an easy-to-use online store platform that can integrate right into your website and help sell physical or digital products. Have a look at your business currently - is there a way you can benefit from an online store?

Another way to make passive income from a website is with an online course. In 2020, e-learning is a $200 billion dollar industry and growing! By packaging up what you teach clients into a Signature Program, you can sell your knowledge as a scalable asset of your business.

I have seven online courses, some completely digital, others that include 1-on-1 consulting or coaching sessions with me. In my CEO Inner Circle monthly membership, I teach entrepreneurs how to grow a lifestyle business.

No matter what talent you have, there is likely a way to package it up and teach others.

Adding Trust Signals (The Secret Sauce!)

No matter how good your products or services are, if people don't see trust signals on your website, they won't buy from you. Harsh but true!

I struggled with this for a LOOOONNNG time, until I finally got trained in sales and realized that TRUST was the biggest missing ingredient in my business.

I thought I just had to be trustworthy, and then people would trust me. Not true.

You have to PROVE you are worthy, before people will trust you!

It's all about having incontrovertible, foolproof, 100% reliable EVIDENCE.

Sad, but true.

What would make YOU trust someone? If you had never met them, would you buy from them? Have a look at your website, and then take a look at the websites of people you buy from. If they don't match, what's different about them?

Trust signals can include pro photography, "I get you" language, and skilled graphic design.

But it also includes testimonials, Google Reviews, and 3rd party endorsements.

By adding these to your website, you've now got the secret sauce that will help customers believe you ARE the right person to help them with their struggles! And that is how you make a website that converts.

About the Author

Sarah Nicole Nadler is a business + balance coach for 6 & 7-figure business owners who want to build a dream team & profitable biz so they can spend more time on the things that matter. A digital nomad, she currently calls Tampa Bay, Florida home.