Don't stress about trying to impress people who disapprove of you. I've come up with 8 simple ways to influence your fate - so you can walk past the negative expectations and start building a life of your own design.


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Hear What My Clients Say:

K. Johnson ~ Australia

"Seven years ago, I came to Hollywood from a big rumor campaign in Melbourne. At the time, Sarah was the ONLY person who listened, who looked and helped me create a pack of solid evidence to handle the rediculous lies and rumor spreading that was going on, with no way to fight back. Sarah listened, and is the only person who saved me from thinking the injustice I experienced, was normal. 

She sat with me patiently, applied her tools, and literally saved me. If not for her, I wouldn't have walked another step."  

J. Gildersleeve ~ San Jose, CA

"We had a 10-year ongoing problem with huge misunderstandings that often became heated arguements. Sarah was able to sort out what the lawyers could not do. She is smart and can understand a wide variety of data. When presented with facts, she works only with facts and not verbal claims, she was able to find the keys to unlocking what seemed to be an impossible impasse. 

If anyone has a problem, especially a persistent problem, I would highly recommend seeing Sarah to help get the problem out of your life!"  

A. Zimmer - New Mexico

"In March I was having problems with my husband and didn't really have anyone to go to. One morning, I ran into Sarah, and ended up having a very deep conversation. She probably does not know but after that life started to smooth out in general. I was able to be very honest with her and she became a safe person to talk to. 

I had a total shift of viewpoint on several things. I felt like I was 'complicated' before, and not being understood and what I wanted was not resolving. Her duplication of me as a person is incredible and it is very stabilizing to have someone like this.  

Now, my job is going amazing, I have sorted out my marriage and for the first time in about 2 years I am winning in life."  

C. Mercon ~ Los Angeles, CA

"I met Sarah several years ago at a conference. Prior to that, I had experienced a string of injustices, and had little hope for my future. 

I was broken. 

She helped me on a good gradient. She never agreed that it was overwhelming or that it couldn't be handled. As a direct result of her intention and certainty, an unmovable barrier was moved! 

She did not leave it at that. She worked with me over the next two years, helped me get through things, and demonstrated an amazing effectiveness by always seeming to have the correct quote to show me, which would address what was going on. And she persisted! She never accepted the looming situation as the unconquerable monster that I saw. Long after I was no longer a client, Sarah continued to help me. She saved my life."

Hi, I'm Sarah Nadler

As a life coach, author & inspirational speaker, I have been helping clients discover their inner power and make their name known to the world since 2008. If twelve years of experience have taught me anything, it is that no two people have the same goals, problems or unique gift to share with the world.  

That individual and irreplacible genius that you have is the reason why every client starts out their Journey with me doing a completely personalized Road Map for you.  

Without it, you could possibly wander forever through the internet and life, searching for answers to how you will reach the other side of an awful and unbearable situation.  

With a Road Map, you can gain a position of power and control over your situation, eliminating the overwhelm and start really making your life the one you want to be living every day.  

Happy travels. 

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