"I dream of an Africa which is at peace with itself." - Nelson Mandela

Hi, I'm Thomas Foday. As an actor, comedian & movie director, I get great joy from making people laugh. I am also a humanitarian & human rights activist in Freetown, Sierra Leone. My vision for my country is similar to what Mandela did for South Africa.

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About Thomas

Thomas Foday is the director of Hannah and the Thomas Foday Comedy Show. He has been nominated for the African Film Award for his role in Hannah and other films. His comedy spreads a message of uplifting young African minds and hearts with laughter.  

Underlying all of the jokes that are the first layer of Foday, there is a strength of character that will not let him rest while young African girls are being abused.  

He has appeared twice in the Sierra Leone Times for his work in bringing education & Human Rights to underage girls in Africa. In 2018 Today founded Girls Be Girls - Not Mothers™ and co-founded the first chapter of Youth For Human Rights International® in Sierra Leone.  

When he isn't acting or uplifting young minds with humor, Foday lives in Freetown where he holds regular events sponsoring anti-drug & human rights education.

It takes a special sort of person to do comedy in one of the poorest countries on Earth.  

If you are searching for Hollywood-style entertainment, you're in the wrong place. Thomas Foday is a citizen of Africa's seventh most impoverished country in the world. He records his Comedy Channel on a Canon Rebel t5i - the sort of video camera you might pick up at Walmart. But his show sows the seeds of laughter in the hearts of millions across Africa, and we are very proud to now bring his message to you.