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"I really appreciate all of your help with coaching. You have consistently helped to break down all the of the lessons we learned in the program and apply them to my office concerns. I love having someone that is open to listening and your feedback makes sense. I never stressed out about any of our phone calls, and I also really appreciated the fact that you allowed time in our calls for me to run new scenarios that I would come across in my office. It became easier to practice these methods once we got off the phone. Thank you for being patient and always having a great attitude, even when we would tackle the tough topics. You are really the best!"

- Shanna, World-Shaker Academy Member

Sarah also does business seminars & workshops!

Words of praise from past attendees


Very easy to follow along, not get lost. Sarah was high energy and left us very motivated to use what we are learning. Just like she taught-emotion makes people ACT! There was good emotion and we are ready to ACT!

Practice Owner


All I can say is WOW. I'm so happy I attended this training. I learned so much about how my previous management style was destroying my team's trust in me. I've taken the recommended steps to shift to a LEADERSHIP style that's put the autonomy in my team, and regained their trust. Our productivity is THROUGH THE ROOF now.

Manager of Marketing


Wow! This is what I have been waiting on. Something that I could take and run with; putting statistics to work. There is so much that I don't understand, but this laid the groundwork.

Practice Owner


I enjoyed thinking of ways that we can be "top of mind" and ways that we can bring humor to our advertising - looking forward to that!

Practice Manager


We will definitely apply this. I'll be talking to my team about how to re-invent some of our marketing strategies with surveys and these specific marketing lessons.



What we learned today takes the negative associated with sales out of the equation. I have a personal philosophy that better information leads to better decisions and that seemed to go along with the sales approach taught here.

Practice Owner