What Is A Signature Program And Why You Should Have One

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Welcome back to The BE Movement Show where I share quick tips you can use to simplify growth for your small business.

Each month I sponsor a challenge inside my Facebook Group, and this February the focus is on building products & services clients LOVE...just in time for Valentine's Day ;-)

And this week, I'm giving you 3 tips for retaining your current clients, as well as doing a deep dive into the Signature Program business model for coaches, doctors, and other subject-experts.

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Licensed Business Consultant Sarah Nadler Shares Tips For Creating A Signature Program...To Help You Scale Your Business In A Lifestyle-Friendly Way

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For those who are new to the blog, Sarah Nadler is a Life Coach & inspirational speaker with twelve years of experience helping clients reach relationship, career and Big Hairy Audacious life goals. Her work has been featured on Enterprise Podcast Network, The Sierra Leone Times, and her latest book Walking Past Expectations was rated #6 on Lifney's list of Best Books to Read On The Beach This Summer 2019.

"Selling to an existing customer is 6-7X cheaper!"

I want you to pause here a moment and get real with yourself. Do your clients LOVE your services? If I were to do a feedback survey with them right at this very minute...would they be raving about the customer service, and more importantly - the results they got in your program or working with you inside your business?

If the answer is "no"...or even if you're unsure, then a Signature Program might be the exact answer to a lot of seemingly unrelated business problems!

  • Struggling to sell your services
  • High "churn" rate (clients don't stick around)
  • People who seem interested, until you tell them your company name, and then they ghost you
  • Struggling to use digital marketing or social media strategies to grow your business
  • Difficulty in hiring good team members
  • Problems with cash flow

A lot of these can be caused by not having a solid Client-Success System in your business.

I speak with hundreds of business owners every year, and I've noticed a big trend of investing in new-client acquisition, while retention strategies are almost nonexistent in many small businesses. And yet, selling to an existing customer is 6-7X cheaper!

But before I dive into what a Signature Program is, and how you can build one (yes, I'm going to give you the WHOLE strategy...not holding anything back!) let me share three quick client-retention tips:

Tip #1: Don't delete, shred or "archive" your past clients

Keeping accurate records of your interactions with past clients can provide you with a lot of "survey" data with which to make smart business & marketing decisions in the future.

It also allows you to sell new products/services to existing or past clients without having to start from scratch with cold-traffic.

Tip #2: Invest in a loyalty and referral program

Rewarding your current clients for their loyalty and when they share your products/services with family and friends makes a LOT of sense...especially when you read the statistic I mentioned earlier: selling to an existing customer is 6-7 times cheaper!

Spent a little of that difference keeping your current client, and pocket the rest ;-)

Tip #3: Measure your 'churn' rate (the % of clients who don't come back or members who leave)

Nobody likes to face their churn rate, but it's a very important number to know if you want to make smart business decisions about the future!

Knowing what percent of people are return customers, or the average number of months a member sticks around, can help you make the right choice about how much is "too much" to spend on advertising for that new customer.

Create a graph on your business analytics dashboard of what percent of clients keep coming back...and which don't!

So, What IS A Signature Program?

A Signature Program is just one business model you can use as a service-based company. It works especially well for service-providers who work 1-on-1 with clients delivering a specific, defineable result, such as coaches, healthcare practitioners, subject experts, etc. It is a program that features your PROVEN methodology, that is 40 percent learning and 60 percent doing, solving ONE painful problem for your ideal client.

Remember, you will not have success selling this program until it is proven to work for somebody. Maybe that somebody is you - or perhaps you have done this successfully with others. The Signature Program is a combination of things a client needs to learn and action tasks they need to implement in order to achieve the specific transformation you offer.

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And How Do I Create A Signature Program For MY Business?

The very first step of creating your own Signature Program is to complete this sentence:

"I have a proven methodology that solves _____ problem for _____ people."

If you can't answer that, this isn't the right business model for you.

But if that sounds simple - then keep going! You're in the exact right place to start breaking the glass ceiling on your life :-)

The Signature Program that you're going to map out needs to take someone through a step-by-step process that ends in a transformation.

That transformation is where your ideal client wants to be.

Think of the Signature Program as the steps between a) where they are now, and z) where they want to be!

Once you have figured that out, and validated your ideas on it (by actually surveying your target audience to be sure) the next step is to map out the major Milestones between there and here.

For instance, let us say you're a health coach with a proven method to take women from "feeling fat and hating diets" to loving themselves, feeling and looking fit with an "undiet" that fuels their body while exciting their taste buds.

That is an A-Z that is easy to sell, because it is so super clear of who is the target audience (women of any age who feel fat and hate dieting) and what the transformation is.

Now, that coach could take this idea and go survey women who feel fat to make sure that "feeling and looking fit with an "undiet" that fuels your body while exciting your taste buds" is something they actually need/want and would pay for.

Next, that same health coach would simply take the proven methodology and break it down into 6-10 major Milestones to achieve those results.

Perhaps would be:

Milestone 1: Throw away all high-carb snacks in the kitchen

Milestone 2: Watch two 5-minute videos on the art of "un-dieting"

Milestone 3: Create a morning routine to ignite your self-love


(I don't know if that methodology would work, by the way!! I'm not a health coach. But the business model is sound)

By breaking down the methodology into a step-by-step Signature Program, we now have all the ingredients we need for good client retention strategies. Like cheering the client on after each milestone, making each one seem more achievable (most clients doubt themselves as much as they doubt you), and best of all - we can create scalable, automated methods of delivery...leading to more lifestyle AND more money!

A Signature Program is the first step toward freedom from your business being a J.O.B. Try it and see.



About the Author

I'm Sarah Nadler and I help small business owners achieve work/life balance by increasing their revenues in a way that does not decrease their time.