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If you've been in my community for a while, or attended one of my free training sessions - I want you think about what you want for yourself, and how you're going to get there.

If you believe (like I do) that working closely with an expert coach will shortcut your journey to the goals you wish to achieve, then I encourage you to apply for acceptance into my signature coaching program: Sarah's Inner Circle.

Step 1: Attend one of my free sessions

The training I provide for free is a pre-requisite first step before we talk. It gives you a test-drive of my coaching style. After watching, if you don't have a rush of excitement coursing through your body, then this program is definitely not for you.

But if you're practically leaping out of your chair, eager to put these ideas into action for yourself, then you're ready to go to step 2.

Step 2: Meet the criteria

Because of the amount of time and effort this program involves (both for you and for me and my team), I have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met before we can proceed.

  • You are DONE with trading time for money, and are committed to building an efficient and smooth-running team who treat clients the way you would
  • You recognize that building a business takes hard work. You are not 'trying to build a team so you can live on easy street' but are dedicated to building a brand that you can be proud of
  • You know this is not a quick-fix program, and are willing to commit time and invest resources into growing your business
  • You are willing to be coached and follow guidance - and try suggestions without altering the proven processes and step-by-step systems we teach.

Note: you MUST meet all 4 requirements in order to proceed.

Step 3: Make the right choice now

You have two choices. You can either choose: 

Option #1

Continue doing what you’ve BEEN doing and hope for different results inside of your business. If you’re going to go down that route then I wish you all the best (seriously). Just remember what a famous scientist once said (allegedly):

“The definition of insanity is doing something
over and over again and expecting a different result.” 

~ Albert Einstein

Option #2

Reach out to work with my team and I to get these ideas implemented IMMEDIATELY. With this program, you can: 

  • Leverage our experience to build a business with automated processes & excited employees or out-sourced professionals who will take over the processes of your business, so you can focus on what is most important to you.
  • Put our secret crystal ball in place, so you can manage your business from a distance, and see at a single glance what area needs to be worked on
  • Start building a business and not a job.

Get Ready to Rock

Let me be clear: This program is NOT an online course, info-product or "fly-by-night tactic.”  Chances are high that you've already tried these before and you know what the results are like.

This program involves personal coaching from myself and my team, along with a proprietary implementation system which has been proven to get BIG results for the right people. You know deep down whether you have got what it takes or not—if you can simply get the right guidance to help you get there.

Don't waste my time or yours by applying if you know this is not for you, or if you feel you're simply not ready.

On the other hand, if this sounds like the perfect avenue to reaching your highest goals, then let's chat. Click on the button below to apply for the program and schedule time on my calendar to discuss your application. 

We'll go over your application and the program details further during a no-pressure consultation. And if the stars are aligned, by this time next week, you'll be part of this exclusive group, ready to build your service-based business in a way that allows you to manage from anywhere, within the next several months.

Apply now—I only have a few spots remaining in the upcoming program, so time is of the essence.

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"I really appreciate all of your help with coaching. You have consistently helped to break down all the of the lessons we learned in the program and apply them to my office concerns. I love having someone that is open to listening and your feedback makes sense. I never stressed out about any of our phone calls, and I also really appreciated the fact that you allowed time in our calls for me to run new scenarios that I would come across in my office. It became easier to practice these methods once we got off the phone. Thank you for being patient and always having a great attitude, even when we would tackle the tough topics. You are really the best!"

- Shanna, World-Shaker Academy Member