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When you tell another business owner about Sarah and they sign up on retainer or attend paid workshops, you get a FREE 45-minute Financial Strategy Call or 10% commission!

Not only that, but your friend will also get:

  • Free Financial Strategy Session, including actionable steps they can take to improve their finances or business profitability
  • Mindset + Strategy Tips
  • Free copy of my 90-Day Planner

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We know that talking to a friend, family member or colleague about choosing a financial advisor is never easy. That's why we make referring a fellow entrepreneur or business owner to Sarah simple and beneficial to both you and your friend!

Grab resources to talk to your friends about Sarah below:

How to Talk to Your Friend Or Colleague About
Sarah Nicole Nadler

Send them our sneak peek video:

Step One: Share Your Success Story

Nothing says success better than hearing it from someone you trust. First, let your friend know of the key gains you have made since starting to work with Sarah. Be as effusive as you like!

Letting a colleague know that you are making significant progress toward your personal, professional or community goals is the best compliment you can give to us.

Hey Bob, 

I wanted to share an opportunity with you that may be of help to your business. I've been working with Sarah Nicole Nadler for some time now, she is a licensed financial advisor and has helped thousands of [YOUR NICHE] businesses like ours. 

She has really made a difference for my business especially through [YOUR SITUATION].  If you have a need she might be able to help you with would you be interested in finding out how?  I mention this now because she is offering a complimentary 1 hour session at this time.  it's a good way to find out if it might make sense for you to work with her and her team.  Interested?  

Step Two: Find Out What Your Friend Needs

Next, ask your friend if there are any areas they would like to improve in their household finances or their business. Most entrepreneurs & business owners come to us with a specific issue they would like to resolve. Knowing what that is can help you ensure your friend gets results.

Areas Sarah Can Help:

  • Retirement
  • Selling Your Business
  • Improving The Resale Value of Your Business
  • Budgeting
  • Passing Your Business To Your Kids
  • Increasing Profits
  • Reducing Tax Liability
  • And More!

Step Three: Tell Them Your Experience

Tell your friend that you started out with a no-charge consultation and found it to be of help, and then had another no-cost, more in-depth, Financial Needs Analysis which was even more helpful. Be sure to mention that neither of these cost anything nor committed you to anything.

At this point, you may hear objections from your friend. You may find it helpful to show them the free Facebook Group here.

You will also find case studies at the bottom of this page which you can send them, as well as answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Step Four: Introduce Them To Us

Ask your friend: "Would you be interested in just speaking with my advisor about whatever finance or business questions you might have?"

"Great! What is a good time for her to call you?"


Answers to Common Questions

1. Are Sarah's programs and expertise really that good?

Sarah has thousands of success stories, with case studies that contain real numbers right on her website. Over the past decade, she has worked with businesses ranging in size from small solopreneurs, to multiple location $8-figure brands with hundreds of employees.

2. What are Sarah's credentials as a financial advisor?

Sarah is a licensed fiduciary* and helped five business owners become $1M earners in the last 12 months alone. In 2006 at the age of 19, she built her first 5-figure business to support her family when her sister was diagnosed with cancer. At twenty, she sold the business and traveled the world for nearly 10 years.

In 2013 she went back to school and became a certified Life Coach and got her business degree with Hubbard College in 2018. Since then she has started two successful ventures of her own and helped hundreds more to create a profitable lifestyle business. She is a licensed financial advisor in four states, as well as an investor in the Kansas City real estate market.

Sarah customizes her approach to suit the client's individual needs, and offers online courses, a monthly membership program, as well as local financial literacy classes, workshops and seminars.

She is a regular contributor to two women's magazines in the KC area, and has been featured on ABC, Fox, NY Weekly and more for her work in women's rights advocacy.

3. What is Sarah's basic philosophy on money?

In her own words, "My philosophy is that all the ingredients of success lie within YOU. By working with a financial advisor, you can get the education to become financially literate and make informed decisions about your future. I stand against scarcity mindset. Fear of debt is crippling the middle class. By understanding how the 1% manages their money, any American entrepreneur can become wealthy and provide a better lifestyle for their family."

4. If my friend chooses to speak to Sarah about their finances, what does the process look like?

Just as you did when you first met Sarah, your friend will get a free Financial Needs Analysis (not just a glorified sales call) and a complete breakdown of their options on the road to financial freedom, including how to increase cash flow, strengthen their financial security, reduce debt, build business credit, and build passive income. Afterwards will be given the opportunity to determine whether they are a good fit to work with us.

Client Spotlight

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Words From A Happy Client

"I really appreciate all of your help! You have consistently helped to break down all of the lessons we learned in the membership and apply them to my office concerns. I love having someone that is open to listening and your feedback makes sense. I never stressed out about any of our phone calls, and I also really appreciated the fact that you allowed time in our calls for me to run new scenarios that I would come across in my office. It became easier to practice these methods once we got off the phone. Thank you for being patient and always having a great attitude, even when we would tackle the tough topics. You are really the best!"

- Shanna, C-E-O Inner Circle member