I help small business owners escape the worker bee lifestyle and retire early & free.

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P.S. - If you're DONE trading time for money and being a worker bee in your own business, then this is the most important letter you will read all year:

Hello My Friend!

My name is Sarah Nicole Nadler. I'm a licensed financial advisor and I specialize in helping successful business owners like you to escape the worker bee lifestyle by building highly-profitable passive income streams so you can work less than 20 hours a week.

I was raised to believe in working hard, and spent most of my adult life believing passive income was just a scam or a 'get rich quick scheme'.

Then one day a friend I trusted sat me down. At the time I was a successful business owner, working 50+ hours a week. He taught me the difference between what I was doing (burning myself out!) and the way he had built his first $100k in less than 12 months.

It was like the lid came off of my life! He was doing everything I wished I could do... and I was hungry. Hungry to learn how.

Now I'm passionate about teaching the methods and mindset I learned from him to others, and can't wait to help you take a huge leap forward on your own passive income pathway!

What Clients Say About
The Passive Income Pathway!


Sarah has definitely been a light in dark places for me. Her insight is incredible and she adds so much to our ongoing experience as business owners.



As a result of working with Sarah I spotted the main obstacle on my income goal and eradicated it. It is so nice to have a coach to point out things I was otherwise not seeing.

Business Owner


Sarah has gone above and beyond to support me. I wish I had started with her months ago as the value she delivers far exceeds the nominal monthly investment!

Business Owner


Happy dancing in the kitchen. Just closed a $2k project with my former employer! They didn't hesitate at the new rate (which includes leveraged group coaching). Feeling very energized right now.

Business Owner


Sarah can easily pinpoint the problems. She knows what questions to to ask that pull back layers of hoopla to get at the real reasons you're struggling. She's a gem and working with her gets results!

Business Owner


Since I joined Sarah's program things have really turned around for me. I now enjoy my free time and I don't feel one bit guilty about it. I've learned so many things about how to make my business run better. I'd say my journey is full steam ahead from here!

Business Owner

Not Sure Yet? Listen To Sarah's Story!

If you are a successful business owner with plenty of clients...but your business is manual and the processes take 40+ hours of your time every single week... 

And if you want confidence that the steps you're taking will definitely  get you to $7-figures without forcing you to work late hours or weekends...

Then this is the most important letter you'll read all year. 

Because for a limited time, I want to gift you my best-selling monthly retainer program to take you from "I do all the work myself" to financial freedom!

In the shortest time possible.

Working together, we are going to implement the same 6-Steps To Financial Freedom I used to help five of my clients hit their first million...last year alone. 

I took everything that worked for my business, and those of my clients, and turned it into an A-Z Financial Freedom Roadmap for successful business owners called:

The Passive Income Pathway 

Inside, I'll cut the fluff and ONLY give you the essentials you need to stop being a worker bee who trades time for money. 

  • It works if you have no team...and have never hired.
  • It works if you've hired before but been burned by toxic or lazy employees who were only interested in clocking in and clocking out.
  • It works if you have been in business forever and feel like you've tried it all... 
  • It works SO well, in fact, that recently we made a very bold (and some might say CRAZY) move... 

To share The Passive Income Pathway with you for just $150/month!

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So, What Exactly Is Included In

The Passive Income Pathway?

Private Sessions with Sarah...

These private sessions are a powerful time for connection and clarity, as you work with Sarah to uncover deep-seated limiting beliefs, nail the big picture strategy, and shape the future of your business in a 45-minute session!

As a business owner, you are so involved in the day-to-day that it can be really hard to look at the bigger picture.

That's why Sarah uses statistic management to help you manage the Financial System of your business.

Get free access to the business analysis software Sarah uses in her own business...available to you at no charge for as long as you remain a member!

And best of all... enjoy stepping away from the noise and drama of your business, and making time and space to work on YOU with the help of a licensed financial professional.

3X LIVE Group Training Calls Every Week...

You'll watch over Sarah's shoulder as she walks you through profitability strategies, traffic strategies, emails, metrics, mindset hacks, and more... 

Get the training you need to stay ahead of labor law changes, pandemic, federal mandates, all the king's horses...and his men, too... *eye roll*

Learn from the woman herself and spend time each month building passive income streams, so you can work less and make more in your business!

Access To The App With Sarah's Full Course Library of Business Resources!

As long as you remain inside The Passive Income Pathway, you'll be able to unlock a new world-class training module every month (over 10+ to choose from, each valued at up to $997 USD!) 

These cover everything you need to escape the worker bee lifestyle including mindset exercises, employee hiring & management training, automation hacks, time management tips, passive income strategies and more.

PLUS as an added bonus, as soon as you become a member today, we'll unlock access to our team of experts - financial advisors, graphic designer, business attorney - instantly!

Sarah Is A Certified Life Coach & Expert Business Coach With The Tools You Need

Our emotions, thoughts and beliefs guide our success.

Work with Sarah - a licensed & certified professional, to overcome limiting beliefs, negativity, impostor syndrome, fear of failure, and even fear of success!

Sarah has tools that anyone can use, and does continuing education every year to stay informed on the latest techniques.

Join A Community Of Like-Minded Business Owners

The Business Growth Facebook Group is our exclusive private group for those learning Sarah's proven method for growing a sustainable profitable business. This is the perfect place to discuss your progress in the monthly projects, and to celebrate the wins!

You'll make life-long friends and be able to be cheered on in your passive income journey :-)

A Monthly Subscription Box Shipped Directly To Your Door

The business world is constantly changing. Keeping up on the latest strategies to scale your business, manage your time, attract new clients, and retain existing ones is VITAL to your future success!

That's why Passive Income Pathway members receive a monthly subscription box shipped to your door directly by Sarah's team - to inform, encourage & help you strategize in the month to come.

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Billed annually, get one month free.

  • Monthly private session
  • 4X monthly LIVE group Q&As with Sarah
  • Access Private Facebook Group
  • Unlock 1x online training module/mth
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access Sarah's swipe files and templates




Billed monthly, cancel anytime.

  • Monthly private session
  • 4X monthly LIVE group Q&As with Sarah
  • Access Private Facebook Group
  • Unlock 1x online training module/mth
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access Sarah's swipe files and templates




Risk free, no lock-in contracts

  • Monthly private session
  • 4X monthly LIVE group Q&As with Sarah
  • Access Private Facebook Group
  • Unlock 1x online training module/mth
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access Sarah's swipe files and templates
  • Monthly membership subscription box

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