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This online coaching program delivered by internationally-acclaimed author, certified Life Coach and award-winning marriage coach Sarah Nadler, gives you a step-by-step road map that you can use to build a strong & lasting marriage.  

"I found that relationship skills are not inborn for couples. Learning these is the key to success with our clients — because only 68% of American marriages last beyond the ten year mark. " - Sarah  

Each of your 6 private coaching calls is accompanied by an easy-to-follow worksheet and doing plans, so you can put what you learned quickly into practice!

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Avoid the Top Reason for Marriage Failure

Sarah Nadler lays out in simple terms, how the top reason for marriage failure is keeping you trapped on shaky ground...and what you can start doing about it immediately.

Stability & Passion

For many, romance is a dream they never expect to truly realize. But it isn't our dreams that fail us. It is lack of the proper knowledge and the skills of communication...knowledge that is now at your fingertips.

A System That Works

 Learn the exact steps to create a relationship system that prevents fights, guards you against loss of passion, and secures your family's future. 


"In March I was having problems with my husband and didn't really have anyone to go to. One morning, I ran into Sarah, and ended up having a very deep conversation. She probably does not know but after that life started to smooth out in general. I was able to be very honest with her and she became a safe person to talk to. 

I had a total shift of viewpoint on several things. I felt like I was 'complicated' before, and not being understood and what I wanted was not resolving. Her duplication of me as a person is incredible and it is very stabilizing to have someone like this.  

Now, my job is going amazing, I have sorted out my marriage and for the first time in about 2 years I am winning in life."  

Annette Z.
New Mexico

"We had a 10-year ongoing problem with huge misunderstandings that often became heated arguements. Sarah was able to sort out what the lawyers could not do. She is smart and can understand a wide variety of data. When presented with facts, she works only with facts and not verbal claims, she was able to find the keys to unlocking what seemed to be an impossible impasse. 

If anyone has a problem, especially a persistent problem, I would highly recommend seeing Sarah to help get the problem out of your life!"  

Jan G.
Los Angeles

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