Are You A Business Owner Trying To Run Your Company And Balance Your Life, Family Time & Self-Care, Too...?



What if you could focus on growth, get paid what you're worth...AND have time for self-care, too?


I'm Sarah Nadler, a Life & Business Coach, motivational speaker and award-winning author for small business owners.

In the decade since I became an ordained minister, I’ve enjoyed helping others step into their roles as leaders and changemakers by transforming their approach to life & business.

How long have you been trying to balance your work and all the obligations that come with it - against the needs of your body, soul, family and love life?

A Week? A Month...or Years?

Day after day you promise yourself you ARE going to have date night, spend time with your kids, relax with buddies or take a day off this week...but there's just one problem. You're running in place.

You thought owning your own business was supposed to be different!

So you write a to-do list, you try to make plans for dinner and promise yourself you'll read that book you downloaded last month. And that's as far as you get.

It's not that you think it's unimportant or are a workaholic. You just can't balance work and life if there aren't enough hours in the day.

If you've ever thought to yourself, "I just can't deal with one more week like this one!" Then I have good news: I'm going to show you how to never feel burnout again.

Figuring out Work/Life Balance that keeps your business running smoothly and nurtures your body, soul, health and love life is the solution to burnout. Without a stable leader practicing self-care and a balanced lifestyle, your small business won't survive!


Work/Life Balance Training Program For Small Business Owners

Group Coaching Included!

$127/Month USD


What You Get:

  •  Immediate access to the Work/Life Balance training
  • Printable PDF checklists to make creating a balanced lifestyle simple and easy
  • Regular group coaching calls
  • Done-for-you Business Flow Map©, so you can have my help to personally eliminate inefficiency and sources of stress
  • Direct access to Sarah Nadler - I will review your work/life strategy with you in a 45-minute call, to see what's working and what's not, so you can tweak things for better results!

What If You Could Travel The World, Take Days Off, Help Your Community And Be With Your Family...Whenever You Wanted To?

What if your lifestyle allowed you to be there for your kids, have a love life, and even help thy neighbor...because your business was set up to support you, rather than drain all of your time and leave you burnt out.

Just wake up in the morning relaxed because the first hour is yours to do whatever you wish. When you arrive at work, your assistant has organized everything, and all you need to do is actually wear your OWN hat as the owner, not run around putting out brush fires and wearing every other hat...even the ones you pay other people for!

Would that be worth it?



WARNING: Beyond Expectations Coaching Is Not For You If:

  • You have a negative mindset or tend to give up after trying things once or twice because you don't get results immediately
  • At your stage of business you're working less than 30 hours a week and spend plenty of time on self-care, family and your love life
  • You don't own a business or are just starting out
  • You aren't willing to hire a coach or learn to organize your business flow for better efficiency

GOOD NEWS! Beyond Expectations Coaching Is Perfect For You If:

  • Anyone in the position of business owner who has ever experienced burnout, compassion fatigue, or been accused of being a workaholic
  • You are ready to quit giving all your best years to your business - but want to maintain positive growth
  • Business is not flowing as easily as you want - and you will commit to learning this strategy and TAKING ACTION - imperfect action is better than none!
  • You hate watching life and your family pass you by
  • Also works for business owners who struggle with self-care and have bad health habits!

Just Remember...

You don't have to try to figure this

balance thing out all on your own.

I've been doing this for years now.

I know what works (AND what doesn't!) and will teach all my secrets to you.

The No-Brainer Bonuses!

I want to make Beyond Expectations Coaching a no-brainer for you.

Not just because I love working with committed business owners who are willing to go the extra mile to create a life they love...

...but also because I know times are hard right now.

So here are three incredible bonuses to help you justify investing in yourself RIGHT NOW:

BONUS #1: My Most Popular Mini-Course For Couples!

A committed relationship with a business owner is no joke. How do you compete with the growing needs of the company? Learn my best coaching exercises and training tips on how to build a strong and lasting marriage.

BONUS #2: Financial Literacy For Household Money Management

This topic has caused more divorces than ANY other! Learn to control spending and plan for the future...for both you and your spouse.

BONUS #3: Manuals For De-Stressing Client Management

One of the biggest sources of business owner stress is how to get more clients and customers...and retain them. That's why I've decided to include access to six of my manuals for de-stressing client management & marketing...

These workbooks are normally exclusive to attendees of my PR & Marketing workshops, but I'm going to include them in your enrollment fee!

So, Let's Recap...

What you’ll get out of this Beyond Expectations coaching program:

This online group coaching program delivered by experienced Life Coach and award-winning author Sarah Nadler, gives you a step-by-step road map that you can use to put 'lifestyle' back into your business.


Proof It Works

Why am I so sure that my Beyond Expectations Coaching Work/Life Balance program works for small business owners?

It's the same system I use personally to keep my goals on track!

Making time for your body, soul,
family & love life is

the most effective way

to become a successful
business owner

because the most valuable
asset your business has is YOU!


Say Goodbye To Burnout... And Hello To Beyond Expectations Coaching

Your coaching partner to build your dream lifestyle is just a click away...