The North KC InvestHER Brunch & Masterclass

Learn the six steps to financial freedom and how to make money like a woman: with compassion, abundance mindset, and joy...and WITHOUT trading time for money.

Saturday, July 1st @ 11am


Our networking parties in Leavenworth, KS are a casual and fun opportunity to meet other female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses, develop genuine friendships and become well-known for your own brand.

You may have experienced networking events in the past which were little more than ill-disguised attempts to pitch products/services at one another!

That is not what we are about.

Sarah's mission in founding the Ladies of Leavenworth community was to make it possible for female entrepreneurs and woman-owned businesses in the Leavenworth area to thrive by creating a positive atmosphere of women to support, motivate and uplift each other.

To make sure you get the most out of your participation, here are our core values:

1. DOING - Anyone can dream a dream. What sets a queen apart is her commitment to productivity.

2. PERSISTENCE - A female entrepreneur faces hardships few others can understand. She is 49% more likely to lack funding than her male counterparts. But she is also likely to experience 20% more growth! Focus on the lessons learned and remember: failure is always temporary.

3. RESPECT - This is a no-judgement zone. Bullying, discrimination, racism or religious intolerance will be ground for immediate dismissal from the group. Personal attacks, trolling and abuse don't belong here (or anywhere!) and anyone with this behavior will be barred from future events.

4. MUTUAL SUPPORT - What sets us apart from other networking groups is a commitment to encouragement, celebration of wins, and mutual referrals. Give more than you get at each party and build a reputation as a good neighbor first and sales girl second.

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