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Women of Wellness Business Lounge...
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Introducing The Women of Wellness Business Lounge...

Tuesdays at 7pm

Lemme guess: You're looking for a way to increase your income without increasing the amount of time you work.

As women in business, we have to be economical about our time.

Maybe you're a mompreneur, or have multiple locations, or maybe you're just like me with many hobbies, interests and charitable works you'd like to do and a busy work schedule would only hold you back.

Somehow, you need to find a way to ethically make more income without working harder than you already do!

I created this business lounge for you because I'm really DONE with watching women in business struggle to get paid - and sacrificing your family life, self-care, and bucket list to plod along in a business model that doesn't serve you.

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A Business Lounge to END Your 50+ Hour Weeks
[By Creating A High-Margin, Profitable Business]

The 5-step framework I use with my $6- & $7-figure clients to help them increase their profit margin. Get every detail of exactly how to use these strategies to scale a successful health/wellness business...and get coached by me directly in the room!

This Retreat Begins In:


The Strategy

Learn the step-by-step strategy I use with my 7-figure clients to find money they are leaving on the table in their business!

The Process

Get the tools, worksheets, protocols, and 1:1 coaching with me in the room!

The Proof

Meet other women of wellness who have worked with me to build a high-margin profitable wellness business.

Now that I've outlined a few of the things you'll learn at this business lounge, let's take a look at the benefits to your business, below:


What Can You Achieve with This Lounge?

With this weekly business lounge, you'll nail down a profitability strategy that will make you top dollar in your wellness business without having to sacrifice all of your time. The training I'm sharing is the same process that I'm using right now with my 7-figure clients.


Identify what steps you need to build and scale to 7-figures.


Learn how to use my powerful marketing process to attract dream clients without expensive advertising!


Learn how to balance manifesting with MIGR (make it go right!) and a real CEO Mindset.


About the Author

Sarah has built and sold two business and knows what it takes to balance lifestyle, budget and business strategy. She has been a full time business consultant for service-based entrepreneurs for three years, and loves everything digital marketing!

The strategy inside this half-day business challenge for women of wellness has allowed Sarah to build 2X highly profitable businesses, without ads or complicated business systems.

Outside of the business world, Sarah is a big fan of the outdoors, loves rock climbing, hiking, camping, sailing, and is the author of two YA fantasy series as well as her nonfiction works.

A Lounge to END Your 50+ Hour Weeks
[By Creating A High-Margin, Profitable Business]

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