Escape The Worker Bee Lifestyle & Build A Genius Team
[A 5-Day Challenge]

Explore the 24 qualities of genius, and how you can use them to reprogram your employee's mindset and create a high-performance team!

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August 15 - 19th

Clinical psychologist Dr. Alfred Barrios published an article in the 1970's entitled "24 Qualities That Geniuses Have in Common". In this challenge we will explore how you are being held back from accomplishing your dream lifestyle ... because you're stuck being a worker bee!

In this challenge I'll walk you through the step-by-step framework I use to help successful business owners reprogram their team's mindset so you can step away from the business, travel, and enjoy life.

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Do You Have A Successful Business That Gets Proven Results For Clients...But You're Still Working 40+ Hours A Week?
[You Are Stuck In Worker Bee Mindset, My Friend!]

The framework I use to help 6-figure business owners build a Genius Team and escape the Worker Bee Lifestyle using Dr. Alfred Barrio's 24 qualities of genius. Get every detail of exactly how to remove your own limiting beliefs, and the exact technique you need to do it...all for FREE

This Challenge Begins In:


The Strategy

Learn the step-by-step strategy I use to build Genius Culture Teams and alter their mindset; delete limiting beliefs!

The Process

Get the techniques, worksheets, video trainings, etc. The right questions to ask if you're holding yourself back, and more!

The Technique

You need a mental technique that actually works...mine is based on clinical psychologist Dr. Alfred Barrios' work!

Now that I've outlined a few of the things you'll learn in this 5-day challenge, let's take a look at the benefits to your business, below (including a bonus: the exact technique I use to help clients delete their limiting beliefs).

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What Can You Achieve with This Challenge?

With this 5-day challenge, you'll be able to identify limiting beliefs that are holding you trapped in a worker bee lifestyle. The workbook gives you the exact technique, questions to ask, red flags to watch for, process to use that I'm using right now with my 6-figure clients.

Our Challenge Schedule

Each day, attend the live video training on Facebook at 4pm CST to learn my framework for designing your own Genius Culture Team!


8/15 - How To Reprogram The Minds Of Your Team

Before you even begin to escape the worker bee lifestyle, you need a competent and high-performance team. Explore how clinical psychologist Dr. Alfred Barrios discovered the key to unlock your employee's mindset!


8/16 - 24 Characteristics of Genius

In this quick training, I'll show you how to master the 24 qualities every genius shares - and the techniques for building a Genius Culture in your business.


8/17 - Troubleshooting Team Behavior

If you cannot get your team to perform at a high level, you will never achieve your company's mission! Learn the most common reasons for misbehavior from employees, and how you are subconsciously CAUSING it.


8/18 - How To Discipline An Employee

The most common confession I hear from my $6- and $7-figure clients is that they avoid confrontation with employees...even when they know it is needed and necessary. Learn how to face up to these difficult conversations, what to say, how to say it, and what to avoid doing/saying!


8/19 - The Secret To Building A Team You Can Step Away From!

Life can become a burden when all you do is work, sleep...and repeat. Hiring employees will NOT help you escape the worker bee lifestyle...until you learn this one secret to building a team you can actually leave to their own devices!

$1M Dollar

Identify what steps you need to build a team that can take your company to 7-figures.


Learn how to use my powerful mental technique to free your mind of limiting beliefs.


Learn how to balance manifesting with MIGR (make it go right!) for a real $1M Mindset.


About Me

Sarah has built and sold two business and knows what it takes to balance lifestyle, budget and business strategy. Four of her clients hit $1M for the first time in business last year, and she is looking for the next incredible business owner ready to do the same!

The strategy inside this 5-day challenge has allowed Sarah to build a highly profitable business, without stressful or complicated business systems.

Outside of the business world, Sarah is a big fan of the outdoors, loves rock climbing, hiking, camping, sailing, and is the author of two YA fantasy series as well as her nonfiction works.

A Challenge To Help You ESCAPE The Worker Bee Lifestyle
[And Design Your Million Dollar Team]

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