Tips for Buying A Home
As A Small Business Owner


There are a lot of aspects to building a business that no one talks about in the very beginning.

As entrepreneurs, we're natural risk-takers, but it can be hard to assess the risks (and long-term effects on your career or family) if no one tells you!

One of the things I had NO idea about until I met Zeke was how starting a brand new business (and quitting your cushy corporate job) would effect my ability to do real estate deals.

That's why this week on The Six Figure Biz Show I invited special guest Zeke Samples to join us, and share with you the insider secrets on how starting a new business can affect the home buying process, and how to get around it for those of you who have a real estate portfolio on your bucket list!

(2023 UPDATE: Zeke reached out with some new information! A student getting their degree in school can use that to qualify for employment history. Also, living rent-free can qualify as residence history. Have more questions? Contact Zeke directly:

As always, let’s pull this problem apart. 

Tips for Buying A Home As A Small Business Owner - Episode 76

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Once you have a basic concept of how to buy a home, etc., the next step is having a loan officer look over your paperwork and strategy to ensure you are completely ready to get pre-approved.

Zeke and his team can help.

Contact him at: 386-487-4663 or

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