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This online course delivered by Life Coach and award-winning author Sarah Nadler, gives you a step-by-step road map that you can use to make a decision about what career path to take...one that will leave you feeling fulfilled.  

We built our online coaching program so that anyone can use it— whether you are an employee looking to make a career change, an entrepreneur building a side hustle, or are still deciding where your 'niche' is in the world.  

Each video lesson is accompanied by an easy-to-follow worksheet and doing plans, so you can put what you learned quickly into practice.

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Lay Foundations

Sarah Nadler lays it out in simple terms for beginner entrepreneurs, or employees thinking about taking a leap in their own direction for the first time.

Validate Your Idea

For many, financial freedom is a dream they never expect to truly realize. But it isn't our dreams that fail us. It is lack of the proper knowledge to succeed...knowledge that is now at your fingertips.

Achieve Balance

 Learn the exact steps to discover the perfect match between what you enjoy being for people...and what the world needs you to be. 

“I found it helped me clarify my purpose and plan how to accomplish what means the most to me.”

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“Sarah really knows what she is doing, and what's the best way to help the person.”

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