The premiere wedding planning workshop, hosted by Sarah Nicole Nadler, is coming to Florida!

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STOP! So, What Is 'Bride School'... And Why Should I Attend?

Confidence in your wedding budget... GUARANTEED

Money Management Coach Ben Nadler helps you build your solid stress-free wedding budget (without making you feel like a cheapskate) and teach how to create a memorable experience for your guests within the financial resources you can afford!

Skyrocket Your Relationship satisfaction with tools to make your marriage last #happilyeverafter

Learn the most effective ways to grow your relationship by learning strong budgeting, cooperation & compromise skills as you plan your wedding day together.

Gain insights into the wedding industry so you can plan like a pro

Get the exact techniques that our makeup designers use to not only overcome brides' fear of being in the spotlight, but also make the most out of your photography package, so you can be authentic, confident and STAND OUT.

Master The Art Of Wedding Planning

Award-Winning Marriage Coach Sarah Nadler teaches the secret sauce of keeping it simple, so you can confidently plan your own meaningful wedding day, WITHOUT hurting your relationship.

Learn the secrets to creating a memorable experience

Wedding Floral Designer Diane Tiller (35+ years of experience) shares tips for choosing, caring for and decorating with flowers on your big day. Learn the power of experience and how to create one so you have raving guests and an unforgettable experience.

Discover How To Craft Entertainment Your Guests Will Stand Up For

You will learn the most effective ways to craft entertainment for your guests (without costing an arm & leg) while also experiencing a collaborative day with other Tampa Bay brides!

Who Is This For?

The Bride School Workshop is a great fit for you if:

  • You're a Bride- or Groom-to-be and determined to plan your own wedding.
  • You have been spending outside your wedding budget, and don't know how to STOP.
  • You want a designer wedding...without the designer budget or you're not sure what the right next steps would be to create your dream wedding day.
  • ‚ÄčIf you're starting to feel "planning burn out", bickering with your fiance about costs or you're concerned about whether your relationship will survive the engagement stage.
  • You have a lot of amazing stuff in your head and in your heart, but you aren't quite sure how to craft and execute this big of an event.
  • If you're worried about how to choose vendors who won't ghost you, stand you up or rip you off.
  • You're a bridesmaid, mother of or friend to someone getting married soon, and want to ensure their wedding day is relaxing and fun for them.

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