Dealing With Post-Wedding Blues

From the Desk of Sarah Nadler Troutdale, Oregon

Hey there,  

As wedding season approaches, I know many entrepreneurs are trying to focus on building their business WHILE also planning a wedding!

So this week, I want to talk to you about Post-Wedding Blues.

Feeling "depressed" or going into a lower emotional state after your wedding is over is a very real thing that many brides struggle with. 

In my experience, the source of this is usually rooted in a combination of: 

a) the loss of that exciting anticipation with no new creative outlet to replace it, or 

b) the onset of anxiety from bills wracked up by the wedding. 

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Many brides are not aware of post-wedding depression and attribute it to false causes, such as 'marrying the wrong person' when in actual fact it rarely has anything to do with the marriage itself.  

Have you been experiencing some of this yourself?  

If so, you are NOT alone! 

My Best Tips for Conquering Post-Wedding Blues

1. Find a creative outlet for your feelings. 

Practicing the acts of service love language is vital here. Your creative energy has been wrapped up in designing & planning the largest event of your life! All that energy has to go somewhere. 

Pouring yourself into a home project, especially one that your partner can contribute to as well, is a great way to sublimate that creative process in a constructive way, and enjoy some nesting romance, too.  

Make Plans...

  2. Discuss the future. 

Brides who put together a 5-year plan with their partner, and particularly those who set targets to be completed in the first year, will enjoy their post-marriage months far more than those who stagnate. 

Projecting positivity into the future can uplift your spirit, and also lowers depression & stress levels according to the Mayo Clinic. 

If financial stress is a contributing factor, often the solution is to organize your spending into categories, so you can both be better prepared to walk the path toward the goals you just envisioned. 

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Take Care Of Yourself.

3. Practice self-care. 

Most brides form a self-care ritual in the months or year leading up to their wedding. Healthy practices such as proper diet, skin care regimen & regular exercise are often let go after the ceremony, and contribute to post-wedding blues. Focusing on continued self-care is an absolute must for newlywed brides. 

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