How to Hire When You're Totally Overwhelmed

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As businesses open back up and the economy starts to pick up, we're seeing business owners struggle to get everything done. Especially solopreneurs.

It's the universal business-owner Catch wouldn't need to hire if you weren't so busy, but now you're too busy to spend time on hiring & training new staff!

So, here are a few tips to overcome that problem, so you can cut down on the lengthy interview process and hire a great team:

Life Coach Sarah Nadler Shares Quick Tips to Help Cut Down On Overwhelm By Hiring A Great Culture Fit

It all starts with having a good pool of applicants. Using platforms like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, place an ad setting expectations from the get-go for potential employees.

The advantage of these websites is the easy tools they include to help you sort through the resumes and only call the ones that match your requirements.

When promoting for a new team member, don't ever lower your standards. Keep them high and remember that you don’t just want a top quality person, but you deserve that person! Your business growth depends upon staff who are bright, energetic, sensitive, intelligent and outgoing. Be willing to compete for that type of person.

Therefore, it's important to develop an advertisement that will attract the person you are looking for:

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For those who are new to the blog, Sarah Nadler is a Life Coach & inspirational speaker with twelve years of experience helping clients reach relationship, career and Big Hairy Audacious life goals. Her work has been featured on Enterprise Podcast Network, The Sierra Leone Times, and her latest book Walking Past Expectations was rated #6 on Lifney's list of Best Books to Read On The Beach This Summer 2019.

1. Grab Attention

Use an attention-grabbing headline to pique curiosity (e.g., “Are You Motivated?” or “Do You Have What It Takes To Be My Assistant?” or “Are You A People Person?”).

2. Be Specific

List specific job duties and skills (e.g., “Must have good people skills and be able to handle a busy traffic load while maintaining a good sense of humor.” or “Must be able to take initiative and think on your feet.”).

3. Stop the Flood

To avoid being deluged with phone calls and walk-ins, include a statement in your ad conveying that you will not accept applications in that manner (e.g., “Email resumes only. No phone calls or walk-ins please.”).

Can I Use Facebook For Hiring?

As a service-based business, before you use Facebook to promote that you're hiring, ask yourself these questions:

Am I willing to have current or past customers/clients apply to work here?

And also, Do I know what to say to a current client who applies but does NOT get the job, so I don't lose them as a client?

If you have those two scenarios covered, then here are some tips for using Facebook for hiring:

1. Create a nice professional post on the business Facebook page! Use the same patter you used in your Indeed or ZipRecruiter ad, but omit the pay details (all your customers don't need to see what you pay your staff). Pin that post to the top so it is always visible.

2. Boost the post to your local community! You can spend $1 a day letting hundreds of people in your local community know that you're hiring.

Important Note: All the laws against discrimination in hiring apply to the ad. Consult your legal representative for what are considered discriminatory hiring practices.

How Do I Wade Through ALL Those Resumes?

In 2019, the average hiring ad received 118 responses! Only 20% of those were called in for an interview.

So the first step as an employer is to set yourself a "two-strikes" rule.

Sort through the resumes, and set aside in the discard pile any that have two or more mistakes. For example, if you made a cover letter a requirement, and there isn't one, that would be a strike.

While this might mean rejecting some amazing people, remember: if they can't follow directions or be bothered to proofread their own application, they are unlikely to meet your job expectations either.

Only those who meet this test should be called for an interview.

Use Employment Tests

One of my favorite hacks for hiring great employees is our proven system for filtering applicants using three easy-to-use written and timed tests. Ensuring your team have a high aptitude, above-average IQ and have been screened for personality traits that would be detrimental to your company culture, can save you a lot of time and heartache in the future.

If you're mainly relying on your gut or "spidey sense" to help you hire the right person, that's leaving too much to chance.

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